Costume Consultation for Locust Grove

Maggie with the women she helped to dress for Locust Grove's rebooted Christmastide event.
When Locust Grove decided it was time to revamp their popular Christmastide event to more accurately reflect the fashions and feel of the year 1816, they turned to the Undressed Lady, Maggie Roberts, to lead the charge on behalf of the women and girls of the cast. The event was a great success! Have a look at some of the steps that went into bringing this event to life for the public.

In February, she gave an informative lecture about clothing common to the period, a crash course for many, on what to wear and HOW to wear it. In the months that followed her initial program, Maggie consulted and guided the ladies in their clothing construction and purchases. From Hats to dresses, even down to little items like shoes and buttons had to get approval for the newly revamped Christmas program. After multiple fittings, consultations and costume checks via phone, Skype, email and in person, the women of the cast were nearly ready for the big weekend!

Locust Grove the night of the rebooted Christmastide event, Dec. 2013.
The icing on the cake for the newly rebooted Christmastide was the perfect layer of white snow that had fallen on Louisville to add to the the warmth and magic of an early 19th century Christmas at Historic Locust Grove. Costumed guides lead visitors along the candlelit path to the home and back in time to the year 1816 - James Madison is president, Indiana has just become a state, and unseasonably cool weather has made it “the year without a summer.”

Locust Grove is a National Historic Landmark on 55 acres of the original 694 acre farm established by William and Lucy Clark Croghan in 1790. William Croghan was the brother-in-law and surveying partner of George Rogers Clark, founder of Louisville and Revolutionary War hero. George Rogers Clark spent the last nine years of his life at Locust Grove, from 1809 until his death in 1818.

The final crowning touch for the ladies of the cast, Maggie was there the weekend of the event to fix everyone's hair that was in need. Lots of buns, braids and curls that went into getting the cast ready.

In the months leading up to the event, Maggie held comprehensive workshops for the women.
Instruction on not just what to wear, but HOW to wear it.

 Each night Maggie was personally on hand to assist the ladies in getting ready for their performances, hair, makeup and any last minute clothing adjustments.

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